Victor Altamirano looks forward to fighting a top ranked opponent

Victor Altamirano is pleased to have a fight against the 11th ranked opponent Tim Elliot.

by Aryan Lakhani
Victor Altamirano looks forward to fighting a top ranked opponent

The flyweight contender Victor Altamirano wants to climb the ladders to reach the top level in the competitive division. He is set to fight against Tim Elliot, who is the 11th ranked contender in the flyweight division. The match is scheduled to take place this Saturday night under the main card.

A convincing victory can change Altamirano’s career forever, and he is one step away from climbing the ladder that can take him to the top. Victor Altamirano has only lost against Carlos Hernandez in the UFC, he has a professional record of 12-2, and it will be interesting to see how greatly the numbers change after Saturday night.

Victor Atamirano on fighting a ranked opponent

In the recent press conference, Altamirano spoke about the rewards behind the challenge he is about to face on Saturday and explained why he wants to fight against ranked opponents to ultimately reach the top level.

"There’s no risk without reward,” Altamirano said, as quoted by “There’s no glory without a challenge. If that’s what we’re aiming for, if that’s what we want, then we have to be able to do things that are required to do so".

He further said:“Taking (a step) into the rankings, going into the fight with higher ranked opponents, that’s what is required for us to grow. That is what is required of us to climb the ladder and achieve what it is that we want.

We want glory. We want legacy. We want the championship. So if I say I want that, I better show it with my words and my actions”. Altamirano shares his main goal: “We’re going for No. 1, that is the ultimate goal.

That is why we’re fighting. That’s why we took Tim Elliott on a semi-short notice. That is why we took him two weeks after my fight. That’s why, because we want to make sure we make it to the top”.