Belal Muhammed is ready for the title shot

Belal Muhammed is prepared and is ready to face the winner between Colby Covington and Leon Edwards.

by Aryan Lakhani
Belal Muhammed is ready for the title shot

Belal Muhammed is one of the most consistent fighters in the UFC, after his previous win against Gilbert Burns he has locked his position as the next title challenger. Leon Edwards will be defending his hard-earned belt against Colby Covington next, probably under the UFC 294 event scheduled to happen in Abu Dhabi.

Belal Muhammed has been eagerly waiting for this opportunity and is ready to fight either Colby or Leon as the next title challenger. He believes both Leon and Colby are easy fights; interestingly, he claims that Gilbert Burns outweighs as the hardest fighter in front of Colby Covington and Leon Edwards.

Belal Muhammed on the title shot

Recently in an interview with The Schmo, Belal Muhammed shares how insignificant Leon Edwards and Colby Covington are to him. He also explains how the longer the break he gets, the better he will come out as a fighter.

“We’re guaranteed a title shot. We just gotta wait and see what happens with these two dorks, Colby and Leon,” Muhammad said, as quoted by “There’s nothing that’s coming from it, so for me, it’s like, I’m hoping that Dana’s realizing that yo, we got this guy who’s actually fighting.

A guy that took a fight on three weeks' notice, guy that came off the couch, guy that came and dominated a ranked opponent, during Ramadan. We called him, we needed him, he came and showed up. So maybe we’ll give him a title shot in Abu Dhabi like Leon wants, which makes the most sense.

I’m hoping that’s what happens, but you never know. He further said: “If I have to wait, I’ll wait. I’m only going to keep getting better. It’s only going to get worse for Colby or Leon, whichever one of them guys is next because I’m just gonna be a different version.

I think Gilbert was the hardest fight out of the three. So them other two guys are gonna be easier fights so it’s gonna be an easier path to victory for me”.

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