Dana White speaks about Jared Gordon’s last minute pull out

Dana White not happy with Jared Gordon, as he did not maintain clarity about the concussion-related issue with the UFC.

by Aryan Lakhani
Dana White speaks about Jared Gordon’s last minute pull out

The lightweight contender Jared Gordon pulled out of a fight against Jim Miller two days before the event. Due to withdrawing from the event, he was replaced by Jesse Butler, but the match did not go in butlers favor as he was absolutely outplayed and got knocked out in the very first round.

The president of the UFC didn’t have anything supportive to say about Gordon’s pull out. He expressed frustration and pointed out Jared Gordon’s mistake of not alerting the UFC about getting a concussion just 6 weeks before the match.

This was an important match for Jared Gordon to prove himself; his last two matches were simply strange; against Paddy Pimblett, people believed he did not lose, and his recent knock against Bobby Green literally had him knocked out on the canvas, yet it wasn’t scored a loss since it was an accidental head clash.

Dana White reacts to Jared Gordon’s pull out

Dana White explains why they had to withdraw Jared Gordon from the event; he spoke about this in the post-fight press conference and addressed the following: “When you come in here on press day,” White said, as quoted by bloodyelbow.com.

“And you announce that you had a concussion six weeks ago, and you healed yourself from the concussion, you’re done. We’re not going to let you fight with a [concussion]; yeah, we pulled them because he should have told us that six weeks ago”.

Dana White further said: “You know what I mean? You should have shown at least the company and your opponent some respect, and at least did that six weeks ago. You’re not an f—king doctor. You didn’t cure yourself from a concussion.

“So what did he do? Did he get a concussion? Was he self-diagnosed? Or did he go to a doctor, and did a doctor diagnose him with a concussion? You have to be honest when you get injuries. And of course, the minute we hear about it- no fight is worth keeping on if it’s going to risk somebody’s health, safety, longevity, whatever it might be, we will pull you out in 2.5 seconds”.

Dana White