Kai Kara-France reacts to the dramatic loss against Amir Albazi

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Kai Kara-France reacts to the dramatic loss against Amir Albazi
Kai Kara-France reacts to the dramatic loss against Amir Albazi

The recent flyweight clash was nothing less than intense, both contenders put on a jaw-dropping performance, and it was a close call for the referee to declare Amir Albazi the winner by split decision. Most would argue that Kai Kara-France won the match, and these discussions will never find an end; there’s only one way to fix this problem, and that’s a rematch.

Kai Kara-France himself believes that he was the real winner Saturday night; however, he does not react bitterly to the loss, and he gives credit to his opponent for putting on a tough fight and challenging him.

Kai Kara-France on losing against Amir Albazi

In the post-fight press conference, Kai Kara France reflects on what turned out to be a controversial loss and acknowledges how close matches can be; he believes he won the fight and looks forward to making a comeback.

“This is the sport at the highest level,” Kara-France, said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “It’s a game of inches and I know I’ve said that before but it’s subjective to what the judges are scoring.

If they’re scoring damage, if they’re scoring control, aggression, all of these things. “I was feeling confident when they were calling the announcement but hats off to Amir. I’m not going to be one to dwell on it”.

Kara-France reacts to Amir Albazi’s performance:[I wish I had done] a bit more controlling, capitalizing on moments I could have put a bit more pressure on. Amir was quite good at ducking and just missing. He showed that he’s well rounded.

A lot of people said he was just a wrestler and a grappler but he showed he could strike. He further said: “Congrats to him for winning and bringing the fight to me and putting on a show, awesome for flyweights to be on this headline main event so I can’t really be too down on the result. I’ve just got to go again, that’s it”.


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