Chris Weidman is set to make a return after the horrifying injury

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Chris Weidman is set to make a return after the horrifying injury
Chris Weidman is set to make a return after the horrifying injury

The middleweight fighter Chris Weidman is far from done; in spite of suffering through the nastiest injury in the history of the sport, the first thing he was concerned about was when he could return next. Chris Weidman has next-level commitment to the UFC, and it takes a lot more than just courage to return when everyone thought he was done and dusted.

It was a match against Uriah Hall where Chris Weidman experienced the most devastating experience of his life; the middle region of his leg was snapped into two. He should be an inspiration for the youth, and from his response to such adversity, we must all learn to never give up and fight for what really matters to us.

Chris Weidman will return in August

He has been inactive for 2 years, but the good news is that he is going to make a return soon. Chris Weidman is set to make a return under the UFC 292 card on 19th August, and it will be against the experienced contender Brad Tavares.

It’s a competitive fight; Tavares is currently on a two match losing streak and will be looking forward to getting out of it. On the flip side, just the fact that Chris Weidman is showing up for a fight made him the winner before even competing; fans all around the world are eagerly waiting for his return.

UFC 292 already promises to be one of the best cards of the year, and it will be very interesting to see more fights getting announced for the undercard. Chris Weidman used to be the UFC middleweight champion of the world; in his first knock against Uriah Hall, he was able to secure a comfortable 1st round victory.

That match took place nearly 13 years ago in 2010. Uriah Hall in the second match was devastated to see his opponent in such a terrifying state, he was not at all happy with the rematch win, and if things go well, the fans would love to see the trilogy.