Anthony Smith wants Amanda Nunes to retire

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Anthony Smith wants Amanda Nunes to retire
Anthony Smith wants Amanda Nunes to retire

The light heavyweight contender Anthony Smith talks about the women's bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes and practically explains why he thinks she should retire. Amanda Nunes has been a part of the fight game since 2013 and became a world champion in 2016; she is one of the most consistent fighters out there who has achieved unbelievable success in the span of 10 years.

In 2021 she lost her belt to Julianna Pena, but Nunes reclaimed her prestigious UFC belt by beating Pena in the rematch. Anthony Smith recognizes this, and with a positive approach, he spoke about Amanda Nunes's retirement.

Anthony Smith thoughts on Amanda Nunes's retirement

Recently in an interview with The MMA Hour, Anthony Smith openly shared that he wants Amanda Nunes to retire; he backs his statement with reasonable explanations and wishes nothing but the best for the world champion.

"Is it weird that, at times, I look forward to Amanda Nunes' retirement?" Smith said, as quoted by "It's a very weird sentiment I have. Sometimes when I see her in these fight weeks, in these interviews, and she's dragged her whole family there, and then she gets in and she fights — sometimes I almost feel bad for her.

He believes Amanda Nunes has done enough in the sport to enjoy her life: "Like, just go enjoy your life, and just go have fun. Like, stop doing all this s***. Because a lot of times she doesn't seem to always enjoy it that much".

He further said: "I don't know, I just feel like she's in a position where she can just, there's so much — she has a whole lifetime ahead of her, and she's done so much and, again, like, what else does she have to prove? At all? I just almost look forward to her to be able to just go off and just do something else great.

I know that sounds weird, [but] I mean that in a really positive way. I mean that in a really positive way. I just want her to be happy".