Brandon Rovyal reacts to Amir Albazi’s recent win

Brandon Rovyal talks about the next title shot and Amir Albazi's recent performance.

by Aryan Lakhani
Brandon Rovyal reacts to Amir Albazi’s recent win

The rankings in the flyweight division have been reshuffled; after a very close win, Albazi has positioned himself as the 3rd ranked flyweight contender in the world; previously, he was ranked 7th. He switched the rankings with Kai Kara-France.

Brandon Rovyal feels somewhat threatened by this, as it could hinder the possibility of getting a title shot. Rovyal is ranked just below Amir Albazi; the division has just gotten a lot more competitive than it already was.

Rovyal believes Albazi doesn’t deserve a title shot yet because his previous performance wasn’t convincing enough.

Brandon Rovyal’s thoughts on Amir Albazi

In an interview with MMA Underground, the 4th ranked Flyweight contender Brandon Rovyal reacts to Amir Albazi vs Kai Kara-France and talks about the title shot.

“I thought at the very least, even if Albazi won, it’s not deserving of a title performance and it’s not really deserving to jump me in the rankings,” Royval said as quoted by

“I thought that immediately, I was like, ‘Cool, he ain’t gonna beat me in the rankings and he’s not gonna take my title shot from me’”. Rovyal further said: “I was pretty stoked. Then I saw Dana White’s interview and I was like, ‘What the f*ck?’ If they’re really gonna jump me over that performance, that’s f*cking crazy.

I’m not even trying to say just over my winning over Kai Kara-France”. Brandon Rovyal last fought against Matheus Nicolau and scored a fantastic first round knockout victory. He has a professional MMA record of 15-6, and we should see him compete one more time before the year ends.

Rovyal has also fought against Kai Kara-France, but his win left no doubt as it was a clear submission victory. Interestingly, Brandon Rovyal vs Kai Kara-France was previously scheduled in 2022, but it got cancelled because Rovyal pulled out due to an injury.

Before Rovyal gets a title shot, he could fight against Amir Albazi, and it would make more sense if the winner faced the flyweight champion.