Jorge Masvidal revealed that he always wanted to box

Jorge Masvidal speaks about boxing and is ready to participate in a boxing match if the UFC allows him.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jorge Masvidal revealed that he always wanted to box

The retired UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal squashed his beef with ‘The Problem Child’ Jake Paul and recently appeared on his show B/S with Jake Paul. He last fought against the welterweight contender Gilbert Burns and failed to convert his final UFC performance into a victory.

He doesn’t rule out the possibility of coming out of retirement; however, it would only happen under extreme conditions. Jorge Masvidal always wanted to step into the boxing realm, and interestingly he claims that he participated in a professional match 14-15 years ago.

He still looks forward to boxing professionally however, he can’t until and unless the UFC allows him to do so.

Jorge Masvidal’s thoughts on boxing

In a recent episode of B/S with Jake Paul, Jorge Masvidal was invited as the guest; Paul and Masvidal seem to be in good terms with each other now.

After retiring, Masvidal has decided to focus more on the newly established Gamebred promotions. He is still interested in boxing, but he can’t do it without UFC’s permission. “Definitely I would box!” Jorge Masvidal, said as quoted by

“That’s something I wanted to do especially as I began progressing in my skillset. I have a pro boxing fight, it took place 14 or 15 years ago, boxing was like my first love. So I would definitely do a boxing match if the UFC would permit me”.

Masvidal further said: “They would have to give me permission, like ‘Yeah go do your thing’. If not, [I] can’t do no boxing match”. It would be very interesting to see who Masvidal would fight if he ever steps into the boxing ring in the future.

The possibility of a match with Jake Paul seems to be irrelevant now that are cordial with each other. There are many opponents to choose from; Masvidal seems to believe that he has lost the spark he once had, due to which he retired. His fans would be more than happy to see him return.

Jorge Masvidal