Jorge Masvidal shares positive comments for UFC fighter pay

Jorge Masvidal talks about fighter pay on Jake Paul podcast

by Aryan Lakhani
Jorge Masvidal shares positive comments for UFC fighter pay

Many UFC fighters have come out and spoken of the unfair fighter pay; however, former UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal thinks differently and points out the positives. Masvidal left the UFC because he felt he didn't feel the same anymore as a fighter.

He is still under the UFC contract, which means he can't compete elsewhere unless he gets the permission to do so. Masvidal spoke about UFC and unfair fighter pay recently on Jake Paul's podcast B/S with Jake Paul. Both Masvidal and Paul no longer have any hidden animosity; they are now on good terms with each other, which eliminates the possibility of a boxing match between the two.

Jorge Masvidal on unfair fighters pay

Jorge Masvidal was the recent guest on B/S with Jake Paul; during the whole session, they spoke about various subjects, and interestingly, Masvidal had positive things to say about the UFC.

"It's an interesting situation with the UFC," Masvidal said, as quoted by "The pay's gone up in some areas. In some areas, not – I mean, I got nothing but good stuff to say about Dana (White). The relationship wasn't always the best in the beginning, but I got nothing but good stuff to say because he's allowed me to create so much money, so much publicity, marketing, all this stuff, and he's helped me out tremendously.

Me personally, I'm biased. I'm not the right person to ask because I'm like a Dana candidate". Masvidal compares UFC fighter pay with boxing: "The UFC pays guys in the beginning great and at the mid-stage great. Where we need help in is in that upper gap that's been throwing down for a minute.

Those guys get a little bit overlooked with the pay. But in the beginning structures of it, the UFC takes care of guys really, really, really well – like unbelievably well, especially compared to boxing or any other promotion out there where they're paying a guy $20,000 and $20,000. You'll never get that on the regional scene".

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