Arman Tsarukyan looks forward to fighting Charles Oliveira

Arman Tsarukyan shares his thoughts on fighting Charles Oliveira.

by Aryan Lakhani
Arman Tsarukyan looks forward to fighting Charles Oliveira

The 8th ranked UFC lightweight contender Arman Tsarukyan is set to clash against Joaquim Silva this Saturday night. It is worth knowing that Tsarukyan fought against the current lightweight champion Islam Makhachev in 2019, even though Tsarukyan lost; the match was far from one-sided.

Tsarukyan is one of the most talented fighters in the division, and by claiming a few more victories, he will definitely get an opportunity to fight against fighters from the top 5. He closely watched the recent lightweight fight between Charles Oliveira and Beneil Dariush and was favouring Dariush for winning the match.

Many looked at Beneil Dariush as the winner before the match even started, but once again, Charles Oliveira shocked the MMA world and brought himself one step closer to getting a title shot again.

Arman Tsarukyan on fighting Charles Oliveira

During the recent media day, Arman Tsarukyan shared his thoughts on Charles Oliveira’s thrilling performance and believed that he could easily win if they ever fought.

He believes due to Beneil Dariush’s age; it will be more difficult for him to get a title shot. “Charles is a good opponent, a good fighter,” Tsarukyan said, as quoted by “He has a lot of experience, and he’s patient.

It showed what level has Charles. For me, Charles is a present, I’m going to smash him, easy. Because his style for me is the best style”. Tsarukyan further said: “I thought Dariush was going to win, for sure, he’s in good shape.

It was his last chance in his life, I think, to be a champion, to fight with Islam Makhachev. Because if he won, he could fight with Islam Makhachev, but now he lost, and to go on the top, to be a contender, it takes a year, a year and a half, two years, you know.

He’s not young like me. That’s why I thought he was going to give all himself in this fight. He did start to look good, but then something happened, he missed the punch, and it is what it is”.

Charles Oliveira