Beneil Dariush reflects on his recent loss against Charles Oliveira

Beneil Dariush shares his thoughts on the recent loss and looks forward to being the UFC lightweight champion someday.

by Aryan Lakhani
Beneil Dariush reflects on his recent loss against Charles Oliveira

Beneil Dariush refuses to take his loss negatively and progressively looks forward to reaching the top again. The 4th ranked lightweight contender last tasted defeat in 2018; with almost four years of consistent winning, it must have hurt him a lot to lose, especially in a match where a victory would have taken him one step closer to being the UFC lightweight champion of the world.

Charles Oliveira seemed to be a lot more desperate for a victory, and soon as round 1 started, it was a total Oliveira show; the match got over sooner than anyone would have expected. A loss for Beneil Dariush does not take him back to square one; he will revive from a stage of authority, and a few more successive victories will set him on the path again to becoming a title challenger.

Beneil Dariush on his recent loss

Recently in an interview with Submission Radio, Beneil Dariush spoke about the devastating defeat and explained how he feels now. He does not want to make excuses and believes he will become the UFC lightweight champion at some point in the future.

“I watched it back, and I just know that’s not the best version of me,” Dariush said, as quoted by “I don’t know. For whatever reason that day I was not on. I can’t explain it.

I’m not gonna give too many excuses because I don’t want to take from Charles. He was the better man that night. He had a great victory. But that was definitely not the best version of me”. Dariush further said: “Obviously I had a disappointing result, it’s not what I wanted.

But I’m not broken, and I’m not ashamed”. “I had my moment in the shower where I was just super sad and on the verge of tears, but then I got out of the shower, looked at my family, grabbed my two daughters, and I walked out like I’m gonna live to fight another day, and I’ll become a champion another day. It won’t be today”.

Beneil Dariush Charles Oliveira