Michael Chandler explains why Alexander Volkanovski is the best in the world

Michael Chandler shares his thoughts on Alexander Volkanovski and explains why he is an 'unbeatable champion'.

by Aryan Lakhani
Michael Chandler explains why Alexander Volkanovski is the best in the world

Alexander Volkanovski recently fought against Yair Rodrguez and showed the world why he is still the champion. It’s like Volkanovski has glued his position as the UFC featherweight champion, and no one from the division can beat him.

The lightweight contender Michael Chandler acknowledges the greatness of the Australian fighter and cracks the code behind his success. Volkanovski could most likely fight against Islam Makhachev next for the rematch, their last encounter was pretty close.

Most disagree with the decision as fans and some MMA experts believe Alexander Volkanovski won, and Twitter was exploding with the term ‘robbery’. Hopefully, in the rematch, they leave no doubt.

Michael Chandler’s thoughts on Alexander Volkanovski

Michael Chandler has been inactive for quite a while now; he is waiting for Conor McGregor to show up – however, he must keep other options ready.

Chandler recently spoke about Alexander Volkanovski on his YouTube channel and, in great detail, explains why Volkanovski is an unbeatable champion. “Is Alexander Volkanovski unbeatable?” Chandler said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “Alexander ‘The Great’ is just that.

I break it down to three C’s why I think Alexander Volkanovski is the most unbeatable — not just unbeatable champion, but the most unbeatable guy in the entire world. There’s a reason why he’s the pound-for-pound No.

1. Chandler further said: “I break it down to three C’s. Completeness, cardio, and composure. He is the most complete fighter that we have on the roster in the UFC. The most complete fighter in the entire world. The ability to be at home and be two to three to four steps ahead of his opponents in every single position in a fight.

On the feet, navigating and negotiating the distance. Navigating and negotiating the striking. His plethora of strikes that he has. Very basic. He doesn’t try to get crazy out of his comfort zone even with how dominant he has been”.

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