Alex Pereira reacts to Anthony Smith’s criticism: “He’s just a bitter man”

Alex Pereira shares his thoughts on the bitter comments made by Anthony Smith.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alex Pereira reacts to Anthony Smith’s criticism: “He’s just a bitter man”
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Anthony Smith’s bitter comments finally got Alex Pereira’s attention, and Pereira isn’t happy about it. Both fighters compete in the same division, and it won’t be shocking to see them fight against each other as they both aspire to possess the light heavyweight and to claim it, they may have to square off at least once.

Pereira recently won against Jan Blachowicz and could fight for the title next. On the flip side, Anthony Smith claimed a close split-decision win against Ryan Spann in the rematch, which will allow him to progress further in the competitive light heavyweight division.

Alex Pereira believes Anthony Smith is below his level and is running his mouth because he is not there yet.

Alex Pereira’s thoughts on Anthony Smith

In a recent YouTube video, Alex Pereira reacted to Anthony Smith’s bitter words and shared his thoughts on Anthony Smith’s recent match against Ryan Spann.

“I always see him talking, especially about me,” Pereira said as quoted by “He talks really bad. I don’t know what he has against me but he criticized other athletes too, saying the athlete didn’t make weight and a guy who in Glover [Teixeira’s] fight in Rio de Janeiro was a backup and the guy didn’t make weight.

It shows why he’s not that successful. Because someone who’s going to be a backup fighter, he takes it easy unlike Glover. “If there’s one guy doing well and another guy only criticizing, people aren’t stupid, They’ll see what’s going on.

Pereira further said: They’ll see that he’s just a bitter man. The only ones who speak bad about me are Anthony Smith types. Washed-up vets who never amounted to anything, who are still fighting. They’re in a really tight spot or the guy who is still a nobody but those who are already doing well, I don’t see them talking about me, you know? It’s the ones who are beneath me”.

Pereira talks about Anthony Smith vs Ryan Spann 2: “I think it was kinda a controversial fight, In my opinion, he took the first round. The second one clearly went to Ryan. The third one, to break the tie, was kind of a draw.

I’d say it’s more or less a tie, in my view”.

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