Israel Adesanya: “I’m going to knock him out with my painted nails”

Israel Adesanya wants teach Sean Strickland a lesson on 10th September.

by Aryan Lakhani
Israel Adesanya: “I’m going to knock him out with my painted nails”
© Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The middleweight clash between the champion Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland is less than 2 weeks away, and the excitement is strong. This is going to be Sean Strickland’s toughest test yet, and the whole world is waiting to see how he anticipates against such a challenging opponent.

Adesanya seems to be in ‘aggressive mode’; he does not have much respect for Sean Strickland and is looking forward to knocking him out cold. It seems like Adesanya wants to make Sean Strickland pay for the words uttered against him.

Both fighters have come out of a glorious win, and it will be interesting to see if Sean Strickland can shock the world and take everything away from the middleweight king.

Israel Adesanya’s thoughts on Sean Strickland

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Israel Adesanya revealed his intentions ahead of the title defense and explained how he looks forward to beating the next title challenger Sean Strickland.

“He’s an idiot,” Adesanya said, as quoted by “I’m not going to lose to an idiot. He says he’s not going to lose to a guy that jerks off to cartoons or paints his nails. Well, I’m going to paint my nails for that fight and I’m going to knock him out with my painted nails”.

“I don’t listen to people [telling me I should win], that’s [how]. I only listen to me and my team and this guy, he’s already pissed me off with his energy. The way he comes across and the way he tries to antagonize me”.

Adesanya reveals how he wants to end the match: “I’m going to paint my nails and knock him out, that vision right there gets me up. That’s what motivates me because I’ve had that vision of having my nails painted, knocking him out and just showing my nails to the camera like look, with my frosted tips, I knocked his ***** *** out.

That vision right there, to make that vision come true, I’ve done everything in my power make sure I knock this guy out”.

Israel Adesanya