Israel Adesanya finally spoke about his recent loss: “It’s not over”

Israel Adesanya shares his thoughts on facing a loss against Sean Strickland.

by Aryan Lakhani
Israel Adesanya finally spoke about his recent loss: “It’s not over”
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The former UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya has not been able to sustain his position as the champion; his loss against Sean Strickland was his second title defeat. Adesanya was very confident of securing a win against Sean Strickland.

To his shock, he was easily outplayed by Strickland, and it turned out to be one of the greatest upsets of the year. Adesanya went silent after the loss; he left the press conference early. However, he recently opened up about the bitter loss in a recent interview that was uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Adesanya is far from done; he looks forward to fighting again. He wanted to fight 3 times this year, and it will be interesting to see if he can show up one more time before the year ends.

Israel Adesanya on the loss against Sean Strickland

In a recent YouTube video, Israel Adesanya shared his thoughts on losing against Sean Strickland, reflected on his performance and spoke about fighting again.

“How did I feel in there? Like a bad dream,” Adesanya said as quoted by “It wasn’t a nightmare. A nightmare is like, ‘Oh ****, ****.’ A nightmare is like you’re scared.

It was just like, you try and hit the guy and it just feels like noodle arms. Just like, what the ****? So yeah, I just felt like that — like a bad dream. The feeling I had watching it was completely different, and I called [coach] Eugene [Bareman] right afterward and we talked — and same thing, I’m quietly confident.

I didn’t realize it was the last round, I was like, ‘Is this the last round?’ Because I saw last round and I was like, ‘****, OK. Vamonos. You need to do something.’ But yeah, it was just the way I felt in that fight wasn’t — bleh.

Adesanya on fighting again: It was just, bleh. But again, it was also just the way he worked. He just never let me get into my rhythm at all. I don’t like fighting like that. I like fighting to win and not be on the defensive primarily. We’ll see. It’s not over, the story’s still being written”.

Israel Adesanya