Colby Covington predicts total domination against the champion Leon Edwards

Colby Covington confident of a win against Leon Edwards.

by Aryan Lakhani
Colby Covington predicts total domination against the champion Leon Edwards
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The welterweight title fight finally has a date! Leon Edwards will defend his hard-earned belt against Colby Covington on the 16th of December at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Confidence seems to be soaring high for Colby Covington as he firmly convinced himself of a victory.

Covington believes it's game over for Leon Edwards as he looks forward to unleashing a spectacular performance on his next title fight Colby Covington believes he will make Leon Edwards consider retirement after the next fight; it will be interesting to see how greatly his words match up to his performance on 16th December.

Colby Covington on fighting Leon Edwards

In an interview with James Lynch, Colby Covington expressively spoke about his title fight against Leon Edwards and predicted the outcome. “It’s a great matchup, I love fighting southpaws,” Covington said, as quoted by

“There’s a reason he’s delaying this matchup, he knows it’s the hardest stylistic fight for him and for me, it’s just another fight, another big pay-per-view main event. I don’t remember the last time I fought a ******* three-round prelim fight like some of these other bums that call out my name.

I think it’s a great stylistic fight, southpaw to southpaw and I don’t think he can keep up with my well-roundedness. He’s going to be guessing the whole time, am I taking him down, or am I striking? Am I taking him down or am I striking? Now, I’m a black belt under sensei [Daniel] Valverde, my submission skills, my finishing skills, I’m coming to put this dude lights out.

Covington further said: He’s ain’t making it 25 minutes come December 16 in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nev. My prediction is complete domination, just from second one to however long it goes, I want to go out there and really set an example that he isn’t going to want to fight me in a rematch. He’s going to probably want to retire or go fight someone else where he knows he has a chance against them.

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