Colby Covington open to fighting Sean Strickland: “I might go up there”

Colby Covington does not respect Sean Strickland, reveals that he is ready to fight him for the middleweight belt.

by Aryan Lakhani
Colby Covington open to fighting Sean Strickland: “I might go up there”
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Colby Covington does not have anything special to say about Sean Strickland, as he is against the way Strickland thinks and holds his opinion on certain topics. Strickland recently became the new middleweight champion of the world; Interestingly, it is a very difficult thing for people to digest.

Covington believes luck favored him in his title fight with Israel Adesanya. Covington focuses on the brighter side of the picture; he claims that Strickland is not a challenging opponent and believes that it is an opportunity for the middleweight contenders from the competitive division to easily capture the belt.

Colby Covington on Sean Strickland

In a recent interview with My MMA News, Colby Covington shares his thoughts on Sean Strickland and talks about facing him in the octagon. “It’s not if you’re a woman or the color of your skin, it’s who’s the most qualified for a job,” Covington said, as quoted by

“Dude, he’s an idiot and an even weaker fighter. He got lucky (cashed out already). That’s the beauty of the UFC – it’s such a pure sport, anybody can win on any given night. If you don’t come ready to fight that night, and you have an off night, that’s what can happen.

Obviously Adesanya overlooked him, and he thought he was just going to breeze through this guy and probably didn’t train very hard for him. I think he’s getting a little comfortable up there. He made some big paychecks, and he’s not as hungry as he used to be.

Covington further said: “It just opens the door for all the middleweights because that’s (Strickland) the easiest guy to beat. Honestly, it opens up the door for me. I might go up there and beat his ***. That guy is a punk.

He got his *** knocked out by (Kamaru) Usman”.

Colby Covington