Henry Cejudo predicts Leon Edwards vs Colby Covington

Henry Cejudo shares his thoughts on the outcome of Leon Edwards vs Colby Covington.

by Aryan Lakhani
Henry Cejudo predicts Leon Edwards vs Colby Covington
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Leon Edwards will be making his second title defense on 16th December against an opponent that he did not pick by choice: Colby Covington. Some MMA experts believe Colby Covington’s wrestling capabilities will give him an edge against Leon Edwards – Henry Cejudo being one of them.

Colby Covington failed to secure a win against Kamaru Usman on two separate occasions; it will be very interesting to see how differently he fights against Leon Edwards. Henry Cejudo believes Covington’s unorthodox wrestling will do the job on 16th December.

Only time can tell how accurate Cejudo’s prediction turns out to be. It is worth mentioning that Leon Edwards, in his entire UFC career, has only secured 1 submission win which clearly indicates that he’s more dominant as a striker.

Henry Cejudo on Edwards vs Covington

In a recent YouTube video, Henry Cejudo explained why he thinks Colby Covington will win against Leon Edwards. “I don’t know what the game plan was the second fight, but in the first fight, when he did fight Leon Edwards, besides him getting head kicked and knocked out, he was winning that fight,” Cejudo said as quoted, by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “He was fighting the best fight you could possibly think – very tactical, very strategic, taking this dude down, ground-and-pounding him.

The thing with Colby Covington and Leon Edwards is, Colby Covington just has one style, and that style is to just wrestle, to hug you, Yeah, his fight style is boring. He will just hug your legs, but Colby does finish people.

Cejudo further said: “He literally takes you down, he eventually starts pounding, and he starts doing X, Y and Z. This matchup is perfect for Colby. I think we are going to have a new champion. I don’t think Leon Edwards’ takedown defense is going to be enough for a guy like Colby Covington”.

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