Joe Pyfer gives honest feedback on his performance: "Mental strength was weak"

Joe Pyfer happy with the win but wasn't thoroughly satisficed with his performance.

by Aryan Lakhani
Joe Pyfer gives honest feedback on his performance: "Mental strength was weak"
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The middleweight clash between Joe Pyfer and Abdul Razak Hassan was absolutely aggressive; Pyfer was successful in securing a second round submission win and has now updated his professional MMA record to 12-2.

The arm triangle was perfectly set up, and with the recent win, Joe Pyfer has placed himself one step closer to getting featured in the top 15 rankings. Joe Pyfer went through a very difficult training camp filled with a lot of pain and suffering, which is why the win was so important to him.

Anxiety did invade his peace of mind, but everything is fine now, and he looks forward to fighting credible opponents in the future.

Joe Pyfer on his recent win

During the post-fight press conference, Joe Pyfer spoke about his win and reflected a little on his training camp.

“The performance was dog****. The victory was amazing,” Pyfer said, as quoted by“Mental strength was weak this week. It was good, man. It was good. I feel really good. I don’t feel surprised.

I told you I was better than him everywhere. I told everybody that and I was. I was better than him everywhere. I think I pretty much dominated except when he kicked me in the calf and it hit my frickin nerve. I tried to relax, but I couldn’t, I was nervous.

Pyfer further said: You know, I respected this man. And I worked my *** off. I had an up-and-down (camp). I had MRSA. I split my toes open. I was sick. I had everything go wrong go wrong. It kept interrupting me for like a week at a time.

I think that was just anxiety and nerves and then on top of it dealing with… I can’t even say the co-main slot because it didn’t bother me… but I was just dealing with a guy who I thought disrespected me”.