Alexander Volkanovski reveals why he won’t show respect to Islam Makhachev

Alexander Volkanovski shares his thoughts on fighting Islam Makhachev.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alexander Volkanovski reveals why he won’t show respect to Islam Makhachev
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The much-awaited rematch between Alexander Volkanovski and Islam Makhachev is almost 3 days away; this Saturday night promises to be super-entertaining. Alexander Volkanovski respects Islam Makhachev as a fighter, but he said that he won’t show much respect in the rematch because it will drag him from achieving an explosive win.

Volkanovski is crystal clear about the outcome of the match; he does not look forward to fighting all 5 rounds. He wants to finish Makhachev with a knockout as soon as he gets the chance to do so. The weigh-ins will take place on Friday, and it will be fascinating to see the two of them face off again.

Alexander Volkanovski on fighting Islam Makhachev

During a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Alexander Volkanovski explained why he’s not going to show respect to Islam Makhachev and reveals how he will fight him on Saturday night.

“Obviously, I showed him a lot of respect which he deserves that respect, but I could have backed myself a little earlier,” Volkanovski said as quoted by “Where this time, at least I got to figure that out because now, it’s perfect timing, I can’t afford to show him that respect.

I need to go out there, and I need to go for the finish. “I want to go out there and finish him. I feel like I can go the five rounds anyway, but let’s not even worry about that. Let’s go out there and really set a statement, which is going to be massive for the legacy, and that will get people talking”.

Volkanovski further said: “I guarantee you he’s going to try and grapple again because I plan on putting heavy hands, and knees, and kicks, and what not on him, and I think he’s going to think his best bet is to try and slow me down, and try to take me to the later rounds. Or, because I haven’t had this camp, hope that I slow down but, I don’t slow down”.

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