Nicolas Dalby responds to threats received by Brazilian fans

Nicolas Dalby secures a fabulous 2nd round knockout win against Gabriel Bonfim.

by Aryan Lakhani
Nicolas Dalby responds to threats received by Brazilian fans
© Pedro Vilela/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The rising welterweight contender Nicolas Dalby secured a magnificent knockout win against Gabriel Bonfim in round two. This is a massive win for Dalby, and it will play a huge role in allowing him to climb up the competitive ladder.

Dalby has received life-threatening discouragement from the Brazilian crowd; however, instead of nagging out about it, Dalby transforms such negativity received into positive energy.

Since making it to the top 15 means a lot to Nicolas Dalby, he would like to fight a ranked opponent, and it will be fascinating to see who the UFC matches him up against.

Nicolas Dalby on receiving threats and winning the match

During the post-fight press conference, Nicolas Dalby shared his thoughts on the crazy threats received by the Brazilian crowd and reflected a little on his recent knockout win.

“It’s different,” Dalby said as quoted by “I’ve talked about this before today. The crowd is so intense and amazing. I’m a bit in awe of how good they are at supporting the Brazilian fighters.

I have people standing when I’m getting ready to go into the fight: ‘Yeah, I’m going to kill you,’ and all that crazy stuff. For me, maybe the Brazilian crowds will stop doing it if I fight here because I turn it into positive energy.

For me, it doesn’t take away. On the other hand, it kind of makes me want to prove myself even more. I feel amazing. It’s my first finish in the UFC. Maybe it could’ve come a bit sooner, but I’m so happy about the fight.

Dalby further said: It’s not ideal to take the damage I did. There’s some things we need to learn from that but that’s what I’ve been doing all my career, learning from the adversity I go through both privately and professionally and then developing from there.

… What’s next? Somebody top 15 – hopefully at an event in Copenhagen with me main-eventing”.