UFC 298: Alexander Volkanovski looks forward to humble Ilia Topuira

Alexander Volkanovski is ready to defend his belt against Ilia Topuria.

by Aryan Lakhani
UFC 298: Alexander Volkanovski looks forward to humble Ilia Topuira
© Steve Marcus/Getty Images

The next featherweight title fight is officially confirmed; Dana White recently announced Alexander Volkanovski vs Ilia Topuria. It is scheduled to take place on 17th February. Volkanovski lost his winning momentum once again; this time, it was a clear loss – Islam Makhachev secured a terrific 1st round knockout.

Volkanovksi isn’t done fighting for the lightweight belt; he confirmed that at some point in the future, he will definitely try again. In the featherweight division, Volkanovksi repeatedly showed why he’s a worthy champion.

In a few months, we will find out if Ilia Topuira has what it takes to become the new UFC featherweight champion of the world.

Alexander Volkanovksi on fighting Ilia Topuria

In a recent interview with Fox Australia, Alexander Volkanovski shared his thoughts on defending his belt against Ilia Topuria and explained how the timing is perfect.

“He’s a powerful dude. He’s good everywhere,” Volkanovski said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “He’s not one-dimensional. He’s obviously very well-rounded. I just believe my skills and my understanding of the game is just going to be that little bit too much for him.

He’s a young, hungry dude – undefeated, very, very confident – but I think he needs a little bit of humbling, so I’m glad to be the man to do that. We just thought that would be a little bit too soon, we want to follow all protocols and do everything right, obviously, after the last one and I’m lucky enough to have a great team around me who have dealt with a lot of concussions through football.

I’ve got the right team around me and we just thought that January was too soon. I was lucky enough to have the UFC and the guys there make that happen and move things around for me, which I’m grateful for, and I think the timing will be perfect”.

Alexander Volkanovski