Dillon Danis wants to fight either Paddy Pimblett or Tony Ferguson


Dillon Danis wants to fight either Paddy Pimblett or Tony Ferguson
Dillon Danis wants to fight either Paddy Pimblett or Tony Ferguson © Matt McNulty/Getty Images

Dillon Danis is seeking a debut in the UFC after fighting Logan Paul in a professional boxing match. Danis has a strong background in MMA; he has a record of 2-0. Dillon Danis is a free agent after Bellator was sold. Danis believes he has the ability to beat any fighter in the UFC, including Islam Makhachev.

Interestingly, Dillon Danis recently addressed that he would be open to fighting the winner of the upcoming lightweight clash between Tony Ferguson and Paddy Pimblett. It will be fascinating to see if the UFC grants Danis’ desire to fight against such top contenders – as for now, nothing concrete has been confirmed.

Dillon Danis on UFC debut and fighting Pimblett/Ferguson

Recently on The MMA Hour, Dillon Danis shared his thoughts on fighting either Paddy Pimblett or Tony Ferguson. “I’d rather retire, bro, [On participating in Dana White’s contender series]” Danis said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“I’m not Sean O’Malley, I’m bigger than him. I have the most followers than any welterweight in all of MMA. Dillon Danis on being a coach: [I wouldn’t do it] unless I’m a coach with Paddy [Pimblett], Imagine how many views that does.

[I’ll fight Paddy, and if he loses] I’ll fight Tony Ferguson. Who wouldn’t want to see that? I think that would be such an easy fight though, I’d kind of feel bad beating a guy that’s on [such a long] losing streak.

He’d be on a one-fight winning streak then, but I think Paddy is so bad. He’s terrible. Just go watch him, he almost lost to Jared Gordon [and] Jared Gordon’s terrible. He did lose to Jared Gordon. Jared’s not good.

Danis further said: “Everybody wants to see me in the UFC, people think that I just did a boxing match, that my jiu-jitsu isn’t on a different level. I’ll fight Islam [Makhachev] first fight. I’ll fight any of them first fight, I swear. At the end of the day, if I lose, I lose”.

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