Bobby Green believes Tony Ferguson will win against Paddy Pimblett

Bobby Green explains why he thinks Tony Ferguson will win against Paddy Pimblett.

by Aryan Lakhani
Bobby Green believes Tony Ferguson will win against Paddy Pimblett
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Tony Ferguson is an absolute legend; his never-quitting mentality should be a source of inspiration for everyone. In spite of being stuck in a downward spiral, chained to a 6 match losing streak, Tony Ferguson refuses to retire.

Ferguson could fight an easy opponent to regain winninng momentum, but he has accepted a fight against Paddy Pimblett who is a tough opponent and is undefeated in the UFC. Ferguson's former opponent, Bobby Green, believes Ferguson has what it takes to get the job done on 16th December.

Most people are criticizing Ferguson's recent workout with David Goggins. There are levels of mental mastery. Tony is already mentally strong, but Goggins showed him that the top of one mountain is the bottom of another.

Bobby Green on Tony Ferguson vs Paddy Pimblett

In a recent interview with The Schmo, Bobby Green shared his honest opinion on Tony Ferguon's fight against Paddy Pimblett and his workout with David Goggins.

"Nothing but respect for my dawg. I would say, 'Keep going, kid,'" Green said, as quoted by "Everybody telling him to retire and stuff, he'll retire when he wants to retire. Don't let nobody tell you different.

I fought Tony, so I know what I was dealing with in there the whole entire time.Even though I was kicking his , Tony was never giving up. He was never going to quit. He was never going to break, and he got that warrior spirit still.

So, as long as you got that warrior spirit, go do your thing, bro. You know what I mean? And I think he's going to beat Paddy".

Green on Tony Ferguson training with David Goggins

"I think he'd be dope if he just picked up some of the basics, just jab a little better, his head movement a little better.

Small little things like that and he'll be great. He's punching and his chin is still up, he's getting hit, nobody's helping him with those aspects of fighting. It's nothing to do with his heart or his cardio".

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