Dana White believes Michael Chandler can afford to wait for the McGregor fight

Dana White shares his thoughts on Michael Chandler's return.

by Aryan Lakhani
Dana White believes Michael Chandler can afford to wait for the McGregor fight
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Conor McGregor is confirmed to make his much-awaited return in 2024; he will most likely fight against Michael Chandler. Fans and MMA experts have been wondering if Michael Chandler will wait for a few more months as he could have easily shown up 1-2 times after fighting against Dustin Poirier.

Dana White answered the question with clarity; according to him, Chandler has positioned himself in such a way that he can wait for as long as he wants to. So it would be fair to assume that Chandler won’t entertain a match with any other contender; he will fight Conor McGregor directly next.

The wait has been very long for all the fans worldwide, however, the good news is that the wait will soon come to an end. McGregor believes he will be ready by April 2024; interestingly, in that timeframe, the iconic UFC 300 event will take place.

Dana White on Michael Chandler

Recently on the Full Send Podcast, Dana White shed some light on Michael Chandler’s return and explained how he can afford to wait until Conor McGregor makes his return. “The good thing for guys like Chandler, and you know there’s a lot of talk about fighter pay and all that other– you don’t see these guys hurrying up to fight,” White said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “Jon Jones takes off for years.

Chandler can hang out and wait for Conor. When you think about Chandler, Chandler was fighting for Bellator, right? Now Chandler can just sit around and take his time and wait for Conor, however long it takes, so these guys are all in good positions where they can wait for the right time, the right fight.

(McGregor) fights next year”. Their fight should most likely be announced in the early phase of 2024.

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