Bobby Green reacts to his loss against Jalin Turner

Bobby Green shares his thoughts on losing against Jalin Turner.

by Aryan Lakhani
Bobby Green reacts to his loss against Jalin Turner
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Bobby Green was on a steady rise and was expected to continue his climb to the top but little did he know that an opponent (Jalin Turner) who would accept the fight in 10 days short notice would claim a win. Green refuses to focus on the negatives; he keeps his morale and motivation strong and focuses on the positives.

Some people believe the referee called a stoppage way too soon, but Bobby Green didn’t seem to object to the decision. Green appreciates Jalin Turner for showing up on short notice and wishes him nothing but the best.

Bobby Green may not get to fight Dan Hooker next, but that match could take place next year, provided that Hooker also faces a loss in his next bout. Green is ready to make a comeback, and it will be fascinating to see how well he performs in his next match.

Bobby Green on facing a loss against Jalin Turner

Bobby Green uploaded an Instagram video and shared his reaction to facing a tough and unexpected loss against Jalin Turner.

“You win some, you lose some, I guess,” Green said, as quoted by “I just want to show people that you’ve got to keep it ‘G’ when you win, and you’ve got to keep it ‘G’ when you lose.

Shout out to Jalin. You did your thing, brother. I’m so happy for you. It means the world that you stepped up on short notice and you’re having your success. So shout out to you.Just another step in the thing – another step in the career, there’s ups.

There’s downs. I’m going to keep it going. I ain’t going nowhere”. Jalin Turner has a massive advantage now; if he continues to win like this a spot in the top 5 cannot be denied for him.