Alexander Volkanovski looks forward to embarrassing Ilia Topuria

Alexander Volkanovski shares his thoughts on defending his belt against Ilia Topuria.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alexander Volkanovski looks forward to embarrassing Ilia Topuria
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Alexander Volkanovski wants the world to know that one setback does not define who he is; he looks forward to getting his winning momentum back after his title defense against Ilia Topuria. Their fight is scheduled to take place on 17th February.

Volkanovski believes Ilia Topuria does not have what it takes to claim a win, and he looks forward to embarrassing him. Volkanovski is very dangerous in the featherweight division; it will be interesting to see if Ilia Topuria can do what no other title challenger has been successful in doing.

In almost 2 months’ time, we will find out.

Alexander Volkanovski on fighting Ilia Topuria

Recently on Who The Fook Are These Guys, Alexander Volkanovski shared his thoughts on fighting Ilia Topuria. “Watch me walk through my next opponents,” Volkanovski said, as quoted by

“Watch me do what I’m gonna do and shut these people up. Then all of the sudden, I can literally look at these people and be like, ‘Shut your mouth.’ That’s right. I am still that guy”. This guy thinks he’s the man, It’s funny.

For me, I’ve always wanted to earn my stripes. Earn these positions, put myself in there, and earn that respect. This guy’s just getting things given to him and probably not even that much but he thinks he’s the man.

The beautiful thing about it is I get to teach a kid a lesson. Ready to go out there, I’m hoping to teach him a lesson, humble him a little bit, and still let him wake up to himself and then he can bounce back when my time’s done.

He needs a bit of humbling. 26, perfect age. He needs the world to see. He maybe needs a bit of embarrassment and snap things into gear and maybe he can one day be a great champion. Right now he wants to act like how he’s acting, I’m just gonna teach him a lesson, I’m gonna embarrass him, he’s young enough to bounce back in a positive way. I’ll play teacher the next few months”.

Alexander Volkanovski