Leon Edwards very confident of a win: “This is his fourth title shot”

Leon Edwards explains why he Colby Covington won't be able to win.

by Aryan Lakhani
Leon Edwards very confident of a win: “This is his fourth title shot”
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The UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards will make his 2nd title defense next week (16th December) against Colby Covington – who is one step away from flipping his career around. Edwards believes Covington hasn’t tested himself against noteworthy opponents and will be shocked when he gets a taste of his beatings.

Edwards may be right when he said this could be Covington’s last title shot. Covington must be aware of how critical this opportunity is, and it will be fascinating to see how well he uses his 4th chance.

Leon Edwards on Colby Covington

In a recent interview with UFC Europe, Leon Edwards explained why Colby Covington will be shocked on 16th December.

“This is his fourth title shot. I feel like he knows this is his last one,” Edwards said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “As far as what’s on the line for me, how long it took me to get it, so I feel like we’ve both got a lot to prove in there.

So, I am 100 percent focused for the best Colby. I know he’s been out for almost two years come December. But, I just can’t see what he goes in there and does. I’ve been the active one. I’m the younger one.

He hasn’t beat no one under the age of 35, 36 since I don’t know. If you’re judging his wins off Robbie [Lawler], [Tyron] Woodley, and Masvidal, he’s in for a total shock what’s going to happen on fight night”.

Edwards further said: “He’s always playing a character, and some of the he’s coming out and saying just doesn’t make sense to me, He’s like, ‘I’ll come back for the war that happened in America.’ I was like, ‘Mate, I don’t even know what you’re on about.’ I think that guy is a clown.

But I am focused on going out there, taking him out, defending my belt for a second time, just carrying on my journey. He’s just another guy that’s in my way, and I’m going to take him out”.

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