Alexandre Pantoja believes Brandon Rovyal deserves the title shot

Alexandre Pantoja shares his thoughts on Brandon Rovyal getting title shot opportunity.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alexandre Pantoja believes Brandon Rovyal deserves the title shot
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The UFC flyweight champion Alexandre Pantoja will be making his first title defense against Brandon Rovyal. Interestingly, this fight is a rematch – in their previous encounter, Alexandre Pantoja won the match. A fantastic opportunity for Brandon Rovyal to right his wrongs.

Some people are questioning if Brandon Rovyal has earned his spot as the next title challenger; Alexandre Pantoja firmly believes Rovyal deserves the title shot and looks forward to fighting him. Pantoja has nothing but respect for Brandon Rovyal; he can foresee this match being labelled as the ‘fight of the night’.

Alexandre Pantoja on fighting Brandon Rovyal

Recently on The MMA Hour, Alexandre Pantoja shared his thoughts on Brandon Rovyal being the title challenger. “Royval definitely deserves to fight for the belt,” Pantoja said, as quoted by

“It’s a guy coming off a few big wins. He knocked out Matheus Nicolau, a phenomenal fighter from Brazil. He finished Matt Schnell, and he [beat Rogerio Bontarin]. He deserves it. He’s fought with everybody in the top 10, he deserves to fight for the belt, and it’s a very good match in a very different moment for me.

When I fought Brandon Royval for the first time, that time I was driving [for] Uber, I had an injury in my knee, and that fight had a lot of emotion. I think at one point, all the emotion was very heavy, but I could use that.

My mind that fight was 200 percent, very strong. Now it’s very different moment. He wants something that I have and I need to take care. Brandon Royval is very, very real dude. He’s a guy I need to be prepared for. I’m going to make a lot of money for that fight and I’m going to deserve all the [pay-per-view] points because I’m going to put on a very good show for everybody watching.

Fight of the Night, for sure, It’s going to be a crazy fight again. Brandon Royval is a tremendous fighter”.