Colby Covington ready to fight Sean Strickland next

Colby Covington shares his thoughts on fighting Sean Strickland.

by Aryan Lakhani
Colby Covington ready to fight Sean Strickland next
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Colby Covington is one step away from becoming the new UFC welterweight champion of the world. He does not want to restrict himself to ruling over just one division! Interestingly, Covington wants to fight Sean Strickland and participate in significant events only.

Sean Strickland is not liked by many, Colby Covington is one of those who has growing apathy towards Strickland. Covington wants to humble Strickland by fighting him in the ring for saying irrelevant things. A comprehensive win will make Covington a very demanding opponent; in less than a few days, the world will find out if he has what it takes to earn the prestigious welterweight belt successfully.

Colby Covington on Sean Strickland

In a recent interview with CODE Sports, Colby Covington explained why he wants to fight Sean Strickland next. “He’s pretending to be everything he wishes I was,” Covington said, as quoted by “I’d love to slap Sean Strickland around.

He’s just a pathetic excuse of a human being, the guy has literally no fricking IQ. The guy’s so stupid. The things he says, he needs to get his mouth wired shut and I’m the guy to do it. The UFC knows I’m the one that can end these guys that hate the company and they hate the world, so I would love to fight Sean Strickland”.

Colby Covington on fighting Robert Whittaker

“No, that ship has sailed, Robert, he lost the title and then he got beat in a contender fight so he’s just not relevant anymore, he doesn’t make sense for me.

I’m the top of the division, I’m about to be welterweight champion of the world, so I only want the biggest and best fights the UFC has to offer and I know they wouldn’t even waste my time and waste their time to try and put that fight together.

This is a business and they want to make money, so it’s all about making the biggest and best fights for the fans and for the UFC. Whatever the UFC says, they know I’m a yes man, I’m a company man, whatever they say, Colby Covington will agree on”.

Colby Covington