Bryce Micthell wants a rematch against Ilia Topuria

Bryce Micthell explains why he eagerly wants a rematch against Ilia Topuria.

by Aryan Lakhani
Bryce Micthell wants a rematch against Ilia Topuria
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The bitter taste of defeat still seems to be bothering Bryce Micthell, as he recently expressed a strong urge to fight Ilia Topuria again. It won’t be that easy to reach the top tier again; however, a few successive wins can get Bryce Micthell to his desired spot.

Mitchell believes his previous performance against Ilia Topuria was not up to the mark, and as a result, he was thoroughly disappointed. Mitchell entitled it ‘as the worst performance of all time’. It will be interesting to see if the UFC grants Mitchell’s wish of getting a rematch, as for now, he will have to prove himself on a few occasions.

Ilia Topuria is one step away from becoming the new featherweight champion; if he fails to capitalize on the opportunity, a new contender from the competitive division will rise to the top. Alexander Volkanovski is confident of securing a win, and we shall soon find out if he can once again defend his belt successfully.

Bryce Mitchell on fighting Ilia Topuria

In a recent interview with Michael Bisping, Bryce Mitchell explained why he wants to fight Ilia Topuria for a rematch. “I want that one all day, because that was my worst performance of all time,” Mitchell said as quoted by “Even my backyard fights, I’ve never had a fight that bad.

I’ve never fought that bad, I’ve never folded like that, I’ve never been able to not breathe and not move like that and, man, it just makes me mad. I know I could do better, but I don’t think people realize how much better I could do than that.

It gives me that fuel, and I feel like I’ve been living a righteous life, and I’ve been working, and I deserve to perform better than I did that night,” Mitchell said. “I feel I’m going to get to vindicate myself”.