Leon Edwards successfully defends his belt against Colby Covington

Leon Edwards pleased to get a win, not interested to fight Belal Muhammed next.

by Aryan Lakhani
Leon Edwards successfully defends his belt against Colby Covington
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Leon Edwards is one of the few fighters in the UFC to have such a fantastic winning streak; he has not tasted a loss in 8 years! Edwards is currently on a 12 match winning streak after successfully making his 2nd title defense against Colby Covington.

After 5 rounds of action, the judges declared Leon Edwards the winner by unanimous decision. Interestingly, Covington believes he won the match in spite of the underwhelming performance, but the fans and MMA experts are convinced of Edwards victory.

Leon Edwards isn’t really interested in fighting Belal Muhammed next, as he believes Belal Muhammed hasn’t earned his shot.

On the flip side, Covington wants to fight Stephen Thompson.

Leon Edwards Octagon Interview

“This fight was very emotional for me,” Edwards said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “This guy was using my dad’s death as entertainment.

He used my dad’s murder as entertainment. It took a lot for me to calm down and stay focused and come into this fight. After the press conference, I went backstage, I was crying just from the rage. He can’t use my dad’s death as entertainment and that’s what he did.

To this day, it still breaks my heart. He got murdered and he said my dad should burn in hell”.

Colby Covington’s Octagon interview

“I feel great. I didn’t feel like I got touched,” Covington said as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“It was an easy fight. I don’t have a scratch on me. I’d like to get back to work the early part of next year. I’m only going to learn from this. I’m going to go back to the drawing board. I’ve been out of the octagon for two years, people been ducking me, fights fell through, Leon didn’t want to fight in his home country of UK so I’ve been ready to fight anytime, anywhere, anyone.

I will come back stronger. I’m 35 years young. I didn’t take any damage this fight. This is the easiest fight of my life. I thought I won the fight. It’s all perspective. I will come back stronger. You’re all a bunch of broke anyways, * you”.

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