UFC 296: Belal Muhammed not impressed by the main event

Belal Muhammed explains why wasn't impressed with the performance showcased by Leon Edwards and Colby Covington.

by Aryan Lakhani
UFC 296: Belal Muhammed not impressed by the main event
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The next potential UFC welterweight title challenger, Belal Muhammed closely watched the fight between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington. He isn’t impressed with their performance as he believes both fighters failed to walk their talk.

Leon Edwards and Colby Covington promised an explosive performance in the press conference – there were key striking moments, but fans were hoping to see a knockout performance. Belal Muhammad believes he should be next and is ready to showcase his career-best performance.

Belal Muhammad on Leon Edwards vs Colby Covington

During the UFC 296 post-fight show, Belal Muhammed shared his thoughts on the recent welterweight title fight and explained why he was disappointed. “Honestly, it was a joke to the division,” Muhammad said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“That’s what happens when you get a bum off the couch [Covington] who’s been out for two years, who didn’t deserve the shot, and he goes out there and he didn’t back up the talk. For Leon Edwards, you should have backed up your talk too.

For what Colby said, he deserved to have his jaw broken. I thought Leon should have went out there, he should have embarrassed him and put it on him, but he played that little game. So I think the UFC knows who’s next.

I need to get in there. I need to make the welterweight division great again because I’m going to come to fight every single fight. I’m going to be in your face non-stop, 100 percent. There’s not going to be no breathing at all for Leon Edwards.

I’m going to make him look to his corner and his coach is going to repeat that same statement, ‘Don’t let him bully you, son!’. He’s going to say that every single round, and once the fight’s over, he’s [going to say], ‘You let him bully you, son.’ That’s what I’m going to do to him. I’m going to bully him”.

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