Eddie Alvarez reacts to the bitter loss faced against Mike Perry

Eddie Alvarez felt helpless because of the corner stoppage.

by Aryan Lakhani
Eddie Alvarez reacts to the bitter loss faced against Mike Perry
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The clash between Eddie Alvarez and Mike Perry was absolutely brutal as Mike Perry caused severe damage and left Eddie Alvarez with a broken Orbital bone. The match took place in the BKFC, Alvarez has no strong regrets, but if he could change one thing, it would be the weight he was fighting at; Alvarez wanted to fight at 165.

Alvarez was happy to have dominant moments in the fight but felt helpless about the corner stoppage.

Eddie Alvarez on losing against Mike Perry

Recently on The MMA Hour, Eddie Hearn shared his thoughts on losing against Mike Perry.

“If I could change a couple things, maybe I gave up a little bit too much size and weight,” Alvarez said as quoted by mmafighting.com. “I would change that. I would try to get it at a little bit — I’d try to do it at 165 or something like that, make him come down a little bit.

I did give up size. I’ll agree with the audience, I gave up size, and I was OK with that because I still thought I would put Mike Perry away. To this day, I still feel like I could put Mike Perry away. I gave up a little too much size.

I would’ve done that differently.

Eddie Alvarez on the damage he caused to Mike Perry

“And I almost did. He got really wobbled, we hurt him really bad, really early. Maybe I should’ve got on him. Maybe I should’ve got on him more instead of relaxed too much after I hurt him.

Just some small adjustments, but I can’t do anything about a broken orbital. He’s a battle ax. He’s like a zombie, The shots I hit him with, with a bare first, almost 100 percent of the time put most guys down.

But that’s why I also think that maybe I gave up too much weight, because in my weight class, that same left hook is putting almost and ‘55er, ‘65er down, for sure, and he was able to stay on his feet with it”.