Erick Nicksick reveals how Sean Strickland is more motivated after the brawl

Erick Nicksick talks about the emotions behind the recent brawl between Sean Strickland and Dricus Du Plessis.

by Aryan Lakhani
Erick Nicksick reveals how Sean Strickland is more motivated after the brawl
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Sean Strickland and Dricus Du Plessis' animosity is no longer hidden; their recent viral clip was all over social media as no one expected Sean Strickland to attack Dricus Du Plessis in such a violent fashion. Strickland's coach, Erick Nicksick, explained how Strickland's animosity towards Dricus Du Plessis was fueling him as a source of motivation.

However, Coach Nicksick wants Strickland to be uplifted righteously.

Erick Nicksick on Sean Strickland

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie Radio, Erick NickSick explained how Sean Strickland isn't supposed to fight emotionally.

"There are two sides to that coin: Sean has no problem saying what he says about everybody else, so people are going to probably poke and say things about him, as well," Nicksick said, as quoted by

"I think it's a tough row to (hoe), so you can't get too emotional about those situations. They are just words, but at the end of the day, I did feel like he was triggered and there was a few days where it just kind of motivated him.

The motivation was (already) there, believe me. But I wanted him to understand we need to have the right motivation. It didn't need to be this infuriated guy going in there like, 'I want to kill this guy,' because that takes us out of our game.

It takes us out of our element and what we're good at. He's been great ever since then. We had a good conversation about that, and I just told him I was proud of him. I did say, 'Hey, fighting emotional is not who we are, 'And stylistically, I think that favors Dricus more.

It opens us up more, so we need to stick with our game plan and stick with what we want to do and don't allow your emotions to take this over".