Ben Askren ready to come out of retirement to fight Masvidal at UFC 300

Ben Askren is already training and is ready training to fight Jorge Masvidal for a rematch in April.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ben Askren ready to come out of retirement to fight Masvidal at UFC 300
© David Ash/ONE Championship/Getty Images

Ben Askren is more than ready to break out of retirement if Jorge Masvidal agrees to fight him on the historic UFC 300 event scheduled to take place on 13th April. Masvidal recently announced that he is ‘unretired’, so fans can expect him to announce his comeback fight soon.

A rematch between Ben Askren and Jorge Masvidal will most probably break the internet as their first fight ended up as the fastest knockout in the history of the UFC. Ben Askren made his boxing debut, but it was far from successful, as he lost in an embarrassing fashion against Jake Paul.

Askren is not desperate to make it happen; he does not want to plead to make the fight happen. He is already training, so if Masvidal agrees to fight him, it is worth knowing that he is prepared.

Ben Askren on fighting Jorge Masvidal

In a recent interview with Daniel Cormier, Ben Askred shared his thoughts on fighting Jorge Masvidal.

“Listen, if Dana called me and said, ‘Jorge Masvidal, UFC 300,’ I don’t give a damn – I’m out of retirement,” Askren said, as quoted by “I’ll fight him.

I don’t care. I would love to”. “But he’ll never say yes to that, unless he loses some more money or something, But it would be great. I would love to. It’s one of those things. ... I don’t want to be begging and groveling for it.

Askren further said: It’s unlikely to happen. So it’s like, if someone calls me and says it’s going to happen, OK, I’m there. If they don’t, I’m just going to live my life.I’m ready, I stay in shape.

I’m wrestling a lot. I don’t strike much — I don’t strike at all, I just wrestle. But I’m in good shape. If he wants to fight, great. But I’m not going to campaign for it”.

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