Alexander Volkanovski confident of securing a win: “Can’t wait to show him levels”


Alexander Volkanovski confident of securing a win: “Can’t wait to show him levels”
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The UFC 298 card is almost one month away, the excitement is strongly built around this event. The entire world is waiting to see if Ilia Topuria becomes successful in dethroning Alexander Volkanovski. On 17th February, we will find out if the featherweight division has a new king.

Topuria’s undefeated record (14-0) is one of the factors making this fight a very interesting one. Alexander Volkanovski is aware of the doubts he is receiving, but his self-belief is louder than people’s opinion.

Volkanovski has been the featherweight champion since 2016; it’s going to take a lot more than just skill for Topuria to snatch everything away from such a consistent champion.

Alexander Volkanovski on fighting Ilia Topuria

In a recent YouTube video, Alexander Volkanovski expressed confidence in securing a win against Ilia Topuria.

“I’ve got Brad Riddell over who’s obviously a great training partner in general but stylistically he’s a very good boxer himself,” Volkanovski said, as quoted by “I think he can simulate Ilia.

I think, to be honest, he can give me a lot more problems than what Ilia will. That’s not knocking Ilia, that’s just showing how good Brad is. Brad’s had hundreds of kickboxing matches, and had a heap of boxing matches, so a strong powerful stocky dude as well.

I’m taking this fight serious. I’m taking Ilia serious. He thinks he’s the man, let’s see if he is. I’m ready for the best version that turns up Feb. 17. Let’s see what we have in store. I’m going to be ready either way.

I see he’s confident. He’s a confident cocky young dude. Let’s see if he’s gonna bring it because I’m gonna. Can’t wait to show him levels”.

Alexander Volkanovski on disrupting Topuria’s undefeated record

“I’ve seen a lot in my game, I think I’m in my prime, gonna show this young man that there are levels and I am king of this division and he ain’t taking nothing from me. I’m coming for that 0”.

Alexander Volkanovski