Chael Sonnen wants Jon Jones to either accept or deny fighting Tom Apsinall

Chael Sonnen is bored of seeing Jon Jones not giving a clear indication to fight Tom Aspinall.

by Aryan Lakhani
Chael Sonnen wants Jon Jones to either accept or deny fighting Tom Apsinall
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Tom Aspinall has made one thing very clear: he cannot stand having two champions in the same division. He wants to face Jon Jones at any cost. In response, Jon Jones never really gave a direct answer, and that’s where Chael Sonnen believes Jon Jones needs to step up and answer whether he will face Aspinall or not.

In a recent Instagram story, Jon Jones gave an update on his surgery and confirmed that he will be ready to fight in a few months; he will most likely face Stipe Miocic next, and it will be very interesting to see the steps he takes after that fight.

Chael Sonnen on Jon Jones vs Tom Apsinall

Recently on You’re Welcome podcast, Chael Sonnen shared his thoughts on Jon Jones not giving Tom Aspinall a clear response.

“Jon does not enjoy that side of [MMA], he doesn’t understand it,” Sonnen said, as quoted by “He thinks the most money, the most accolades should go to whoever can beat up the most people.

So Jon could end it. He could end something that he doesn’t want to keep continuing by saying one word, which is yes. But you want to know something? Jon could also end this by saying one word, which is no. ‘No, I’m planning to do one more.

My plans have not changed for you. I plan to fight Stipe Miocic, who’s great. Stipe might be the one to bring me down. We’ll find out that night, but he might not. That’d be another notch and it will be enough. My plans don’t involve you [Tom Aspinall].’ He could do that”.

Chael Sonnen further talks about Jon Jones unclear response

“One thing about it is, Jon hasn’t said yes and he hasn’t said no. He’s let it be very clear that this irritates him,.There’s a way to get some clarity, there’s a way to muddy these waters, and there’s a way to do what Daniel did and say, ‘You’re just not popular.’ Whatever the reason is, you’ve got to give a guy an answer, yes or no, or we just keep doing this. Generally I would be OK [if this feud continued]”.

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