Colby Covington reveals when he’s fighting again: “I’m a 24/7, 365 fighter”


Colby Covington reveals when he’s fighting again: “I’m a 24/7, 365 fighter”
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Colby Covington failed to walk his talk against Leon Edwards; Covington faced a tough loss as the judges declared Leon Edwards the winner by unanimous decision.Colby Covington looks forward to making a comeback in the summers, and it will be interesting to see who he decides to fight next.

MMA experts and fans call Colby Covington ‘delusional’ because he keeps claiming that he deserves to be the champion, but when the time comes to do what a champion does, people believe he underdelivers. Colby Covington was quite evidently bruised, yet in the post-fight interview, he said there’s not even a scratch on his body.
Colby Covington has been fighting once a year for the past 4 years, yet he claims to be very active.

Colby Covington on fighting for the welterweight belt

Recently on The Submission Radio, Colby Covington expressed his keenness to fight for the welterweight belt and revealed his potential comeback. “I know I’m the welterweight champion,” Covington said, as quoted by

“I know I’m the best welterweight on earth. Just because three judges didn’t decide it for me that night, that’s not going to affect my future and how I train and my preparation every day. I work hard, blue-collar American, I’m a 24/7, 365 fighter.

I’m not a part-time fighter. So as long as I’m in this thing, and I’m fully invested in my career, I’m going to keep getting better, and I’m going to keep working hard. I’m not halfway in, halfway out.

I’m fully in on this, and I want that welterweight title more than I want to live. Whatever it takes to get back there, I’m willing to do. The UFC knows that, so whoever they put in front of me, I promise you the chip on the shoulder of Colby is coming back, and he’s going to finish this and re-write all the wrongs of the past”.

Colby Covington on his comeback date

“I’ll be back in no time, by summer for sure I’ll be back ready to main event, headline, do the biggest and best business in the UFC”.

Colby Covington