Ilia Topuria not interested to fight Max Holloway, Yair Rodriguez or Brian Ortega

Ilia Topuria shares his thoughts on his first title defense if he ends up winning against Alexander Volkanovski.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ilia Topuria not interested to fight Max Holloway, Yair Rodriguez or Brian Ortega
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Ilia Topuria isn’t sure about his first title defense, considering he claims the belt. But he is certain about contenders he would like to avoid, and they are Max Holloway, Yair Rodriguez and Brian Ortega. Interestingly, Ilia Topuria predicts leaving left Alexander Volkanovski in such a state that even the UFC won’t even consider giving him an immediate rematch.

In exactly 10 days, we will find out if Ilia Topuria is successful in causing an upset. Alexander Volkanovski remains a victorious champion. No one has been able to give him a taste of defeat in the featherweight division after he secured the belt.

All eyes will be on Topuria to see if he can rewrite history.

Ilia Topuria on defending his belt

Recently on The MMA Hour, Ilia Topuria shared his thoughts on defending his belt against top featherweight contenders. “The way I’m going to beat him [Alexander Volkanovski], they won’t even ask me about a rematch,” Topuria said, as quoted by “I’m going to beat a guy that whooped his * three times, how? It doesn’t make any sense, Max, Yair (Rodriguez), Brian Ortega, all of them, they can go and retire.

I’m never going to give them the chance to fight for the title – never.

Ilia Topuria on who would like to fight next

“I don’t know (who’s next), to be honest. The UFC knows that even better than me, and I don’t think they’re going to even offer me Max or the names I told you.

We’ll see. I’m just completely focused on my upcoming fight, and we’ll see what the future holds for me”. Movsar Evloev is an undefeated prospect that seems to be just a few fights away from getting a title fight. It will be interesting to see if Ilia Topuria entertains a fight with him in the near future.

Alexander Volkanovski