Alex Pereira still hopes to fight Israel Adesanya: “It was my belt on the line”

Alex Pereira shares his thoughts on fighting Israel Adesanya for the trilogy.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alex Pereira still hopes to fight Israel Adesanya: “It was my belt on the line”
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The UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira called out Israel Adesanya immediately after claiming the belt. Pereira called out Adesanya because he’s thankful to Adesanya for helping him get out of a dark phase in life and replacing it with a phase filled with passion and purpose.

The trilogy fight may end up not happening because Israel Adesanya showed no interest to Pereira’s call-out and ended up trolling him instead. Israel Adesanya is expected to fight Dricus Du Plessis next; it will be interesting to see what Adesanya does after that fight.

Alex Pereira on fighting Israel Adesanya

Recently on The MMA Hour, Alex Pereira explained how he’s still ready to fight Israel Adesanya. “Anything can happen,” Pereira said, as quoted by

“Maybe he and the organization have the interest [to book that fight again]. I’m here. But I think it’s over. I don’t know. I’d even train with him if I had the opportunity. He’s very experienced, he’s done what he’s done, and I’m also very experienced and have been doing many things.

It’s two styles that have similar things, but many things different that could add a lot to our games”.

Alex Pereira on Israel Adesanya not showing enough interest

“I really wanted to [fight him again], but I honestly think it’s over now, I don’t know.

I think it’s over. I’ve tried [to call him out]. It was my belt on the line. I came to the UFC and did three fights to get to the belt and it was a huge risk for me, it was hard. Since I wanted to do this rubber match so much, Adesanya and I — and if he were to move up to light heavyweight, and maybe people said he had to fight once before fighting for my belt, I wouldn’t want that because there’s risk of him losing.

How am I going to fight a guy that has lost? No, come straight [at me]. But he showed no interest, so I kind of let it go”.

Alex Pereira Israel Adesanya