Cory Sandhagen reacts to Marlon Vera’s performance: “Just a punching bag”

Cory Sandhagen explains why he is disappointed with Marlon Vera's performance.

by Aryan Lakhani
Cory Sandhagen reacts to Marlon Vera’s performance: “Just a punching bag”
© GIORGIO VIERA/AFP via Getty Images

Cory Sandhagen closely watched the bantamweight title fight; he felt exactly what most spectators felt; Sandhagen couldn’t comprehend why Marlon Vera was defending more than he was attacking. It was a title fight, and 'Chito's' fans were expecting him to unleash his best side, but that simply wasn’t visible in his performance.

Cory Sandhagen is also upset about the fact that Marlon Vera got a shortcut to the top even tafter he was successful in beating him.

Merab Dvalishivli is most probably the next title challenger; this will delay Cory Sandhagen’s title shot opportunity.

Cory Sandhagen on Sean O’Malley vs Marlon Vera

In a recent YouTube video, Cory Sandhagen shared his thoughts on Marlon Vera’s performance against Sean O’Malley. “‘Chito’ obviously had no business being in the cage with O’Malley,” Sandhagen said, as quoted by

“Really tough showing by ‘Chito,’ awesome performance by O’Malley. Got to give the guy all the credit in the world. That fight really frustrated me because, one, it was just unbelievably uncompetitive, two, I feel like a dummy for thinking that ‘Chito’ was going to do better because almost literally what all of his fights look like unless he gets some type of knockout.

Three, I think it’s not that cool that ‘Chito’ got that opportunity to begin with”.

Cory Sandhagen further talks about Marlon Vera’s fighting style

“Good on O’Malley. Other than that, ‘Chito’ was pretty much just a punching bag, ‘Chito’ doesn’t move like this (swings right and left) very well.

He was just absolutely styling on him because ‘Chito’ one, isn’t that good. I hate to say it if you’re a ‘Chito’ fan, but he’s not that good… He’s not that good as far as being in the top, top contenders. Other than that, maybe he’ll do good, maybe he won’t”.