Francis Ngannou breaks silence on MMA return: “It depends on the time frame”

Francis Ngannou explains the conditions that would influence his decision to return back to MMA.

by Aryan Lakhani
Francis Ngannou breaks silence on MMA return: “It depends on the time frame”
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Francis Ngannou’s tough loss against Anthony Joshua ignited an urge within him to compete in more boxing matches. However, PFL’s Co-founder Don Davis recently revealed that Francis Ngannou will be fighting Renan Ferreira before the end of September this year.

Ngannou seems to be more inclined to participate in a few more boxing matches because he wants vengeance for the back-to-back defeats. However, Ngannou does not rule out the possibility of showing up for an MMA fight first.

Francis Ngannou on his MMA return

Recently on The MMA Hour, Francis Ngannou shared his thoughts on his first PFL fight. “Right now, I don’t know,” Ngannou said, as quoted by “I started to feel like boxing now owes me something that I have to claim.

The way that this fight happened is not the way that it’s supposed to or that it should have. I think now I need to do boxing now to claim something. To claim my respect, to claim my dignity, to claim everything. MMA is there.

I don’t really know. It depends on the time frame of what’s happening. But maybe it could be MMA first. I don’t really know”.

Francis Ngannou compares boxing to MMA

“I think I still get excited about the idea of fighting MMA, MMA now is not like the easier one, but the usual one.

... In any fight you can lose, but at least in MMA there are a lot of things I understand, a lot of things that can be controlled, unlike boxing, which is the wild west. And it’s a little bit more comfortable, to be honest.

I have my own experience there. I have no obligation to fight anyone, so if the timing is right for MMA first, then I fight first. If it’s a boxing match that the timing comes first, then I’ll do it”.

Francis Ngannou