Max Holloway fires back at Islam Makhachev: “You should’ve turned around”

Max Holloway responds to Islam Makhachev's comments about his fight with Justin Gaethje.

by Aryan Lakhani
Max Holloway fires back at Islam Makhachev: “You should’ve turned around”
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The UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev is amongst the many people who cannot comprehend the iconic UFC 300 match up: Justin Gaethje vs Max Holloway. Islam Makhachev believes the fight makes no sense. Max Holloway recently took the time to retaliate by highlighting how Islam Makhachev refused to fight Justin Gaethje in February when he had the chance to do so.

Islam Makhachev calls Justin Gaethje vs Max Holloway a 'useless' fight

Max Holloway on Islam Makhachev’s comments

In a recent interview with Demetrius Johnson, Max Holloway shared his thoughts on Islam Makhachev’s comments.

“I saw Islam talk about, ‘This fight makes no sense,’ and blah blah blah,” Holloway said, as quoted by “I’m like, brother, you should have fought Justin [Gaethje] in February.

Why did the guy you knocked out turn around so fast, to fight in February, when you were healthy. You should’ve turned around [and fought in] February.

Max Holloway on Islam Makhachev not showing up in February

“Everybody knew you can’t fight in Ramadan, and that’s how come they couldn’t do the fight [at UFC] 300 and he couldn’t get another fight.

But he’s complaining like, “I can’t get fights”. I’m like, you’re only fighting around the times that you want to fight. It’s not that you can’t get fights. You’re just not taking the fights that are offered because of certain things that are going on. If you really wanted to fight, I thought you would have turned around and fought in February”.

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