Ilia Topuria not impressed with Max Holloway’s iconic win: “Nothing special”

Ilia Topuria shares his thoughts on Max Holloway's recent performance.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ilia Topuria not impressed with Max Holloway’s iconic win: “Nothing special”
© Aldara Zarraoa/WireImage

The UFC featherweight champion Ilia Topuria was in attendance for the historic UFC 300 event. He watched Justin Gaethje vs Max Holloway, and after witnessing the terrific knockout, he concluded by saying that the performance was “Nothing special”.

His expressions said otherwise. However, on a brighter note, Ilia Topuria has at least figured out who he wants for his first title defense. Max Holloway is also ready to fight Ilia Topuira, and it will be interesting to see if the UFC can make an official announcement soon.

Ilia Topuria on Max Holloway’s knockout

“Well, it was good.

Nothing special to be honest,” Topuria said, as quoted by “The ending was only an exchange of punches without any strategy. Both just throwing punches. Zero defense, hands down, and that kind of things can happen but that is something that would never happen with me because I think inside the octagon.

Ilia Topuria on Max Holloway vs Alexander Volkanovski

“[Holloway] was talking a lot during the week. It’s normal. It is what he has to do. He needs to believe he is the best. There is no other way in this sport. But the results are clear.

I did in nine minutes [to Volkanosvki] what he was not able to do in 90 minutes. So, he can say whatever he wants, enjoy now, and get ready for what’s coming. He can do whatever he wants. He won’t be able to change that”.

Max Holloway responds to Ilia Topuria