Max Holloway reacts to Ilia Topuria’s demands: “Doesn’t sound ‘BMF’”

Max Holloway shares his thoughts on Ilia Topuria saying he will only fight him if the BMF belt is on the line.

by Aryan Lakhani
Max Holloway reacts to Ilia Topuria’s demands: “Doesn’t sound ‘BMF’”
© Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Max Holloway’s spectacular performance grabbed the attention of the featherweight champion Ilia Topuria. However, Ilia Topuria is only interested in fighting Max Holloway if the BMF title is on the line. If not, Topuria looks forward to scheduling a rematch with Alexander Volkanvoski.

Max Holloway is not impressed to hear Ilia Topuria’s demands; he believes a real BMF would never speak that way and would fight regardless of anything.

Max Holloway on Ilia Topuria asking for the BMF title to be on the line

In a recent interview with Jim Rome, Max Holloway shared his thoughts on Ilia Topuria’s demands.

“That’s not a very ‘BMF’ way to say it,” Holloway said, as quoted by “A ‘BMF’ wouldn’t say, ‘I’m not going to fight this guy unless …’ That’s kind of un-‘BMF.’ Doesn’t sound ‘BMF’ the way he’s trying to demand it and saying, ‘I’m not going to fight.’ A ‘BMF’ fights whatever, fights whoever, whenever, any weight, any time, and that’s not a tone of a ‘BMF.’”

Max Holloway on his main goal

“That was always my main goal.

My main goal was always fighting Ilia, This was a fun fight. Shout out to Justin Gaethje. Justin Gaethje’s a legend, ‘The Highlight,’ he had everything to lose. He gave me the shot and this happened. But in my mind it was always, no matter what, win, lose, whatever it is, even until today, I wanted to fight Ilia".