Sean Strickland breaks silence on UFC fighter pay: “Corporation leeches”

Sean Strickland sheds some light on how UFC does not pay their fighters fairly.

by Aryan Lakhani
Sean Strickland breaks silence on UFC fighter pay: “Corporation leeches”
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The UFC has a bad impression when it comes to paying its fighters fairly. Many fighters have been preaching about it, and now the former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland has joined the squad. According to Sean Strickland, there’s a massive gap between what the UFC makes and pays its fighters.

The uneven split has provoked many fighters to complain, but nothing substantial has changed.

Sean Strickland on UFC fighter pay

In a recent interview with Daniel Cormier, Sean Strickland shared his thoughts on unfair UFC pay.

“Like, if you go look at what these guys that run [the UFC] you see what they’re making to what guys get paid, it’s * , dude,” Strickland said, as quoted by “The UFC does not do the * right things, and unless you hold them at * gunpoint, they ain’t gonna * do it.

That’s all * business these days, All these * corporation leeches. They’re like, just how it * works, man. Look at the working man * gap, bro, and again, my gap is a lot * smaller than your guys’ gap, but just how it works.

Corporations are just * succubuses”.