Ian Machado Garry isn’t interested to fight Michael Page: “Not remotely interested”

Ian Machado Garry shares his thoughts on fighting Michael Page.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ian Machado Garry isn’t interested to fight Michael Page: “Not remotely interested”
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Ian Machado Garry is not thrilled to fight Michael Page. The rising UFC welterweight contender was a few steps away from securing a fight with Colby Covington, but it failed to materialize. Machado Garry really wanted to lock horns with someone from the top 5, but that desire shall remain unfulfilled for a while as he will be fighting the new UFC fighter, Michael Page, at UFC 303 on 29th June.

Machado Garry wanted to level up instead of facing unranked opponents.

Ian Machado Garry on fighting Michael Page

Recently on Lucky Block Casino, Ian Machado Garry explained why he’s not interested in fighting Michael Page.

“I’m not remotely interested in fighting ‘MVP,’” Garry said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “I’m not going to lie. Not remotely interested. I’ve said this for so long, I’ve only won in my career, I’m undefeated, I’ve done everything I said I was going to do against everybody I said I was going to do it against.

I’m looking for a top-five opponent, but there’s no one available above me to fight me”.

Ian Machado Garry explains why he accepted the fight with Michael Page

“There’s literally no one above me available to fight, this is the single worst position I’ve ever been put in, where there’s no one above me and there’s only people below me.

So now I have no choice if I want to fight but to look down and go, ‘Who is the biggest name, who is the biggest test that the UFC fans and the UFC operation want to see me go up against?’ If everyone’s saying Michael ‘Venom’ Page, well, then that’s the one guy to make it happen with.

But I’m not remotely interested in fighting him. I believe I’m levels above him in every single way, shape, and form, and this is just an opportunity to show it, to prove it to people”.