Brian Ortega Vows to Donate $100,000 of His Purse: “I’m going to help a lot of men”

Brian Ortega shares his thoughts on donating his purse amount and explains why he accepted the fight with Diego Lopes.

by Aryan Lakhani
Brian Ortega Vows to Donate $100,000 of His Purse: “I’m going to help a lot of men”
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The top-tier UFC featherweight contender Brian Ortega accepted the fight against Diego Lopes at the last minute because of selfless reasons. Brian Ortega is committed to paying $100,000 of his purse value to Fearless Church.

The idea of helping a lot of men fuels Ortega to show up for this competitive knock. For those who don’t know what a man camp or fearless church is, it refers to a program focused on spiritual growth, knowledge about church values, bible studies and more activities that can rejuvenate a person from all the quarrels that the modern-day offers and suffocates a man with.

A fantastic initiative taken by Brian Ortega. Regardless of the outcome next Saturday night – performing such an act has made him the winner in life, if not in the cage.

Brian Ortega explains why he accepted the fight

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Brian Ortega explained why’s donating $100,000 to a church.

“I’m fighting for a bigger cause on this one, so it fuels me this fight,” Ortega said as quoted by “I’m going to use the money and give it to church. I’m going to help a lot of men.

It’s basically the main reason why I accepted the fight”.

Brian Ortega on donating money

“It was my Pastor and I – we went to this thing, Man Camp, and we did that, and after that it was life-changing, A lot of men got saved.

A lot of men got to be themselves authentically without no judgement. It was real. In a world where everything is just kind of fake, it was real for me. To see all this, to have my children there – I want that for more people.

If I can donate $100,000 and make that happen this year on a bigger surface. It was just 160 people. If I can make that happen with 300, 400, 500 people, that’s what I’m going to do, and that’s why I took this fight”.