Dricus Du Plessis Still Ready to Fight Khamzat Chimaev: “I would love to”

Dricus Du Plessis explains why he's still interested to fight Khamzat Chimaev.

by Aryan Lakhani
Dricus Du Plessis Still Ready to Fight Khamzat Chimaev: “I would love to”
© Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The UFC middleweight champion Dricus Du Plessis still has his eyes set on Khamzat Chimaev and would love to entertain a fight with him. Khamzat Chimaev disappointed many people in the MMA community and has given an impression of pulling out frequently.

However, he is expected to make a return before the end of 2024, maybe in October at UFC Abu Dhabi. Khamzat Chimaev needs 1-2 solid wins to earn a title fight.

Dricus Du Plessis on fighting Khamzat Chimaev

In a recent interview with Submission Radio, Dricus Du Plessis shared his thoughts on fighting Khamzat Chimaev.

“I would love to fight Khamzat. Nobody’s beaten him, and he was almost like the boogeyman of this division,” Du Plessis said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “But let’s be honest: I was a bit disappointed that fight didn’t happen.

(I’m) not that surprised, to be honest. I didn’t expect it, but you kind of have to at this stage – expect something to happen. I’m feeling sorry for the guy. I know what it feels like.

Dricus Du Plessis on Khamzat Chimaev’s resume

“I’ve been on that side of the area of not being able to fight and it sucks.

Right now, it just doesn’t even make sense to talk about it. You know, he hasn’t fought one single ranked middleweight – not one – and to even put him in that conversation right now seems like we’re wasting time talking about it.

He’s not in the run, and up until he proves that he deserves to be in that run, there’s no use in talking about it”.

Khamzat Chimaev